Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shit, it's been August for a while...

I have once again redeemed the title of Asshole Blogger after not having written on this in a few weeks. I do apologize.

On a positive note, after being dragged to see Julie & Julia, I have learned that with great blog comes great success, and more importantly, I have found myself pondering what Julia Child sounded like in bed. (A horse with a snorkel)

This movie shows a woman with a blog that actually becomes wildly successful and gains readers, yet it claims to be based on a true story. Which leads me to...

The #1 thing I have learned:

Movies Lie.

Blog will be up to it's usual business tomorrow.

Or..you know, it won't. Whichever comes first.

I too, can now thank Julia Child. Her life inspired some woman to make a blog which inspired me to update my blog which in reality is not accomplishing much.

Thanks J.C.