Friday, July 10, 2009

Things to Look Forward to Assuming I stop being a Cunt

I have slacked on this blog.  I do apologize.

This badboy will be go fullspeed ahead from now on.

That's probably a lie.

I do wish to mention one thing however.  This is not really a joke or important story at all (there are important stories on here?).  In fact its quite pointless (that seems about right), but considering I haven't written in a while, (and no one reads this anyway) I figured why the hell not (parentheses).

I usually don't remember my dreams.

That said, when I do, they are usually quite boring and uninteresting.  For example, I once had a dream about Hot Air balloons.  And that is it.  They just floated in the a screensaver. air balloons...floating...that was it.  Does anyone still not understand?  Perhaps I should clarify.  Hot air balloons floating in the air.  Okay, good.

Last night, however, was a different story.

In my dream I went on IMDB (...shocking!).  While fiddling about (not masturbating..that is for a different dream) I managed to find a real life secret service agent.  Nowww things are getting interesting.  I found a spy!  I can't believe my discovery, so I click on his profile to see what things he has been in.  He's on IMDB after all, so he must have been in something.

After clicking, his profile shows up, and the only thing is says on the webpage is: The Martha Stewart Show.

Then I woke up.

My most exciting dream I can remember...ended with Martha Stewart.

It's almost as if you are watching a boxing match between two rival fighters and the second the bell rings, they hug each other.

We all need a hug every now and then.  Martha, if you are reading this, I'm still having a hard time securing my caning on my Mini Cornucopias but I must say, the seeded eucalyptus foliage from the Bradford pear trees with the golden winterberry holly was absolutely genius.

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