Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Spider Byte

The Military is currently developing robot-insect cyborgs to act as spies, which would allow the military to control insects by embedding them with cameras, microphones, even maneuvering their flight.  

This is a drastic improvement from their first insect themed draft -- The Daddy Long Legs.

Through its brute force, vast library of girly names, and ability to sign you up for little league when all you want to do is perform musical theatre, the Daddy Long Legs would be virtually unstoppable in detecting spies and more importantly, raise you to be a big strong man.

The Daddy Long Legs was put to a halt when the Scientists creating the project became too upset from constantly being called "Nerds" and "Pussies" and having their manhood questioned.  The Daddy Long Legs was known to have a temper, and would often show up to the lab drunk and abusive.

There are no known reports of resurfacing the Daddy Long Legs any time soon, though military officials have hinted that should the country be attacked by "Dancing Fairy Insurgents", the Daddy Long Legs might be brought back.

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