Friday, July 10, 2009

(Moby) Dicks

The New York Times had a very interesting article today concerning Whales.  Ten pages about these beautiful creatures, with some really interesting facts in it.

But what I'm more concerned with is the pictures that went along with this article...

This is THE New York Times.  It has a reputation for being among the best newspapers out there.  Now I majored in Art in college.  I've taken the courses, learned the history, know the stuff.  I think it is a great idea to include artwork instead of just photographs.   I was however, a bit confused with the main pic of the article..

It's as if they told the Graphic Artist that today you can only use Microsoft Paint and your non-dominant hand.  Also, don't really try today.  Aw hell, spend two minutes tops.  Do you have a child?  Maybe let them do it.  

Perhaps to show the grandeur of such magnificent creatures you could, us something that doesnt look like shit.  But then again, maybe I am being too judgmental..what else ya got Timesy?

Is that...Dandruff spewing from the Earth's asshole as thin pieces of turd gently float above?  Ten pages in this scientific article--okay, maybe one real whale would be a good idea.  Surely you have one picture of a real whale, right?

Um. That looks like the candy bar scene in Caddyshack.   Oh hey!  I think I see you actually trying to depict a whale.  Oh yes!  There it is!  I see it now!  How about maybe a little closer.

Ah, Much better.  Now personally, I rather enjoy this pic, and think of all of them, it's the best one out there.  After all, you have remained constant with your idea of dandruff and 2 Dimensional splotches--oh and look!  That person in the long sleeved shirt can actually touch the whale!  

What have we learned today?  Silhouette families traveling in their white boats should watch out for large blob-like shadows, because you never know when the Earth might shoot dandruff at you.  And watch out for floating poop.  Sometimes it just floats there in the vast ocean.  Also, if given the chance to touch a whale, jump on in and go for it. 

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