Thursday, June 4, 2009


Person 1:  You know what they say, sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the balls--

Person 2:  Horns.

Person 1:  What?

Person 2:  Horns.  You grab the bull by the horns.

Person 1:  So the balls are okay to grab?

Person 2:  I wouldn't say okay.  I don't think it would be okay to grab any animal by the balls.  Why would you even think that?

Person 1:  Because that's their job.

Person 2:  What?

Person 1:  A matador.  

Person 2:  Their job is to grab testicles.

Person 1:  No, no.  They have to get to the floor.

Person 2:  What are you talking about?

Person 1:  Like a mat at a door.  You know, on the ground.

Person 2:  I hope you die a painful death.

Person 1:  Would it be...gore-y?

Person 2:  Seriously, just kill yourself.

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