Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bittersweet Simphony..I don't even like that song

Jesus (read as Hey Zeus) Sanchez, 15, was playing video games and eating snacks in his parents basement on the night of October the 23rd.  He had been playing the interactive game, The Sims, when his character, George, a male by the age of 19, decided to attend a party.  The party was held by George's crush, Stacy.  There was digital drinking at this party, and Jesus found himself at a personal quandary - would he make George leave the party because he was not of legal avatar age, thereby completely blowing his chances with Stacy (who was at best technologically tipsy), or would he put all of his morals aside and get digitally drunk for the first time.

As the green diamond hovered over George, Jesus took another handful of cheetohs and started to weigh out his options.  If the party were busted by the pixilated police and George were to be caught, it would be goodbye to his lacrosse scholarship.  But if he stayed, George could finally get with Stacy and get a little computer cootch.  Jesus popped a lifesaver mint in his mouth, and started thinking.  Mmm wintergreen.  A decision had to be made.

"Alright" thought Jesus.  His decision was final.  George slowly turned around and headed toward the keg.  As he reached the top of his red cup overflowing with beer, he saw her.   Stacy.  The most beautiful girl at the party.  And what's this?  What...what is she doing?  What was her fuzzy digital head doing with that other guy?  Was that Tim?  From the lacrosse team?  How could he make out with her?  He knew about George's infatuation with her!  Jesus was furious.  He bit his lip in a fit of rage, and gasped at the pain.  As he gasped, his lifesaver shot straight back into his esophagus.  Jesus couldn't breath.  He lept to his feet, grabbing his neck, trying anything he could to get the lifesaver out.  A few seconds later he collapsed to the floor.  He had choked to death on a lifesaver.

We will never know what happened to George.  Did he confront Tim?  Did he ever tell Stacy how he felt about her?  We will never know for sure.  One thing is certain however.  In the story of Mr. Sanchez, Jesus died for our Sims.


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  2. Oh! Scrap that...methinks me find a way.